New Classified Listing

Classified listings are similar to a classified ad in a newspaper. To add a new classified listing, click on the New Classified menu item under the Listing Queue menu on the left of the My Account Page.

1. The first thing you are asked is to choose a main category for your listing. Choose from either the top level categories, or select the top category, and then one of the subcategories until you find the correct place to list your new ad. (i.e., if you hunt elk in Colorado in one of the GMUs, you would select, Hunts, Guides, Outfitters; then Elk Hunting, then Colorado Elk Hunting, then select the GMU unit you hunt in.) When you finish selecting a category, the page will refresh for the next step.

2. This step requires that you add some information for your classified listing. Enter the following:

A. Select the length to run the ad from the dropbox.

B. Add the Title for your advertisement.

C. Enter a Description. (If you need help with the WYSIWYG editor, please see this page.) 

D. Add the price for this service.

E. Check the boxes for the Payment Types you allow.

3. Now you need to add your Contact & Location Information.

A. Add/Change the email address for people to contact you.

B. Add your phone number(s).

C. Add your street Address.

D. Add your City.

E. Add your Country.

F. Add your State.

G. Add your ZipCode.

4. The next step is adding Mapping Fields for the display of where the hunts are located.

A. Add the Mapping Address.

B. Add the Mapping City.

C. Add the Mapping Country.

D. Add the Mapping State.

E. Add the Mapping Zip.

5. All that is left is to complete the detailed information by clicking on the Next Step button at the bottom of the page.

The rest of the process includes adding images, and choosing the extras you want added to the listing such as featured status and attention getters.

The last step places the listing in the cart queue. By clicking on Process Queue the listing will be added to the Hunters Domain website.

Image Examples of New Classified Detail Page

description and title image


price and payment info image


contact location image


mapping fields image