Get Maximum ROI with Hunters Domain Featured Advertising Program

If you really want to take advantage of what Hunters Domain has to offer you or your company as a Featured Outfitter or Featured Guide, participating in these activities will help build your outfitter or guide business.

Basic Things You Should Do to Advertise

  • Advertise your hunting outfit on
  • Post all of your trophy photos in our gallery for 1,000’s of viewer to see your successful hunting stories.
  • Become a moderator in our forum. When a user posts a question you will be notified via email and can respond at your convenience. If you answer quickly you may turn them into one of your clients.
  • Create your own outfitter or guide storefront to make your listings easier to find!
  • Create your own personal blog area to talk about anything hunting, fishing or adventure (yet another way for hunters and other clients to find your business).

What is NOT required but would achieve maximum results

  1. Sign up as a member at using the special word provided to you in the Registration form at This will have to be approved by our administration so once you sign up, there will be a delay as our staff reviews your application and verifies your references.
  2. After admin approves your free registration you will be notified by email with a link to the site. Click login in the top right corner, and enter your name and password. Now click on My Account, and click the link on the left to ‘Add Directory Listing’ for your outfitter or guide business. If you have any trouble, you can call and set up a time where we will be pleased to assist you in posting your initial ad.
  3. Add each of your hunts to our hunt, guides and outfitters listings under the appropriate species and area.
  4. Add as many of your photos/videos from previous hunts as you desire so viewers browsing our site can see your success.
  5. Become an active member in our hunting and fishing forums. You should post 4-5 threads per month which will require about 20 minutes, but is a great way to interact with potential clients and potentially gain new clients at no financial cost.

(A thread is simply a paragraph or two about your unit or the game you have been hunting. Example: Our hunters have been on several elk hunts this week and the bulls are screaming. This unit 36 New Mexico hunt seems to get better every year and we have already taken a 330” bull with a bow and our muzzleloader hunter was 150 yards from a monster yesterday but we could not get a shot. Joe’s Outfitting New Mexico) Call us for details on how this can become a super benefit to your business.)