COOP Shared Clients

Share clients with other HuntersDomain Recommended Outfitters so when one of your existing clients desires to go on a hunt or trip you do not offer, you can become your own booking agent and send them to another HuntersDomain Recommended Outfitter. With our revolutionary booking system you can earn up to 5% commission from your current client list by sending them on different excursions. This system capitalizes on the fact that your best clients keep coming back to you, but also want to hunt other species, move up the Boone and Crockett ladder, and/or hunt in other states or countries. By attending shows and meeting other HuntersDomain “Recommended Outfitters”, such as yourself (if approved), you can become friends and “business partners” with other guides whom you can feel confident sending clients while providing additional income to your outfit. 


HuntersDomain will mail each of your clients a catalog with your outfit that includes a host of other outfitters from around the globe. The tracking method will be simple. Your outfits list of clients will be mailed a brochure with a unique phone number that rings at our office. The only people with this number will be your clients. When any client calls that unique phone number they will be immediately credited to your account. (This includes existing clients as well as any new client using the unique number assigned to your business).

We will also provide a unique email on the brochures that only your clients will have. You will have access to these reports upon request and you will have full access to your unique email as we will have the email automatically send you a carbon copy anytime someone sends an inquiry to the HuntersDomain assigned email we provide.

Protect Your Clients

Any client communication whether from your unique phone number or unique email will provide you with potential added revenue and more bookings without any risk, The consolidated publication will allow your outfit information to be direct mailed to your existing clients plus hundreds of potential clients at a fraction of the normal cost. This distribution model leads to 100’s more potential booked hunts collectively than the same group of outfitters currently maintains. And more $$ in your pocket.

How we protect your client list

HuntersDomain will not give, provide, sell, rent or allow any use of your client list other than those advertising campaigns you participate in.