Directory Listing

A directory listing is different that a listing placed in our Outiftter Directory - which is a simplified version of a regular listing. A Directory Listing is a classified listing that allows you to create one main classified for your Outfitter business, and place it in all of the categories and species that you provide hunting or other services for.

To Add A New Directory Listing

After you login to, there is a list of menu items on the left of your My Account page as shown below. 

menu example image 1.  Under Add Items, the 2nd item is New Directory Listing. Click on it to start the process of adding your outfitter directory listing.

2.  The window will refresh, and you will be required to choose the main category for your Directory Listing.

Choose "Hunting, Guides, Outfitters".

Now you can select from any of the species available, or scroll to the bottom of the categories, and click on the button "Just Place Listing In: Hunting, Guides, Outfitters".

3. After you select your main category, you can choose as many Secondary Categories as you want by using the check box next to the list of sub-categories presented in the next window. (See image below.)

second categories imageScroll down the box for additional categories placing a mark in the boxes of the species/locations where you offer hunting or other services. 

4. When you have finished selecting secondary categories, click on the Next Step button.

5. The next page is the same as the classified listing form. For more information on this form, please see  this page in our User Guide.

6. When you have the Directory Listing form complete, click on the Next Step button at the bottom of the page.

7. The next page is for adding Extra Features such as placement and attention getters as shown in the image below.

By placing a checkmark by any of the "Featured" items, your listing will get better placement on the Hunters Domain website. 

The Attention Getter is placed to the left of your listing so that it is noticed more easily.

8.  When you are finished with this page, click on Next Step. The page will refresh and your cart will be displayed as shown in the example below.

item queue image

On the right side you will notice an Edit button, a Delete button, and a Preview button. To complete your directory listing, click on Process Queue!