The Future of Featured Outfitters and Featured Guides

We desire to build a strong community of recommended outfitters from around the globe, and in the near future plan to offer each of our qualified outfitters the opportunity to participate in a national direct mail marketing campaign, magazine advertising and outdoor/hunting shows.

HuntersDomain currently participates in several outdoor/hunting expos each year. With the current economic climate and cost of travel, we plan to obtain larger booth space and have qualified outfitters participate inside our booth. This will reduce the cost of attending a show to pennies on the dollar for each outfitter, and HuntersDomain will provide the actual booth. You can bring a mount or two if you want to display your outfit and brochures. Your good attitude will help you book your trips, or make commissions from other outfitter trips you recommend. This allows you to fly, drive or ride your horse to the show without having to travel with lots of equipment. The consortium endows strength and confidence to new clients as the conglomerate offers numerous destinations from one booth.

Share clients with other HuntersDomain Recommended Outfitters so when one of your existing clients desires to go on a hunt or trip you do not offer, you can become your own booking agent and send them to another HuntersDomain Recommended Outfitter. With this method you can earn up to 5% commission from your current client. This system capitalizes on the fact that your best clients keep coming back to you, but also want to hunt other species, states or countries. By attending shows and meeting other HuntersDomain Recommended Outfitters, such as yourself (if approved), you can become friends and “business partners” with other guides who you can feel confident sending your clients while you make money doing it.

HuntersDomain in the near future aspires to provide a publication/brochure that provides space for each of the “qualified” outfitters to promote their business and trips. This brochure will be mailed to all of your clients and all clients in the Recommended Pool as well as the HuntersDomain members. Communication whether by phone, email or direct mail facilitates retention of your clients and the growth of your annual booked trips. The consolidated publication will allow your outfit information to be direct mailed to your existing clients plus hundreds of potential clients at a fraction of the normal cost. This distribution model leads to 100’s more potential booked hunts than the typical outfitter currently maintains.

Recommend any outfitters/guides from other areas and/or states that you endorse as potentially qualifying to also participate in this program. This encourages interaction with people you already trust and further builds our organization.